Ben & Lyndsey

23rd August 2017

Ben & Lindsay first started seeing Dr Beatrice Luciola in May 2015, they wanted to to make sure they had the perfect smile ready for their wedding in early 2017 and it was perfect wedding for the perfect smile. Here's what they had to say and some pictures of the end result.

“Words can not express how we feel about our amazing smiles, we are certainly showing them off now! When we first met Beatrice we couldn't have been in safer hands and we put our absolute trust in her expertise.

Beatrice is an incredible lady not only is she professional but she is also your friend and she can create the most beautiful smile. She is a perfectionist and a true gem in the orthodontist world!

After endless research we contacted Beyond® Dental Care and since then we didn't regret it, from every appointment attendance to the end result, it has changed our lives for the better and improved our confidence tremendously.

We can't thank Beatrice and her team enough, they are absolutely dedicated and passionate about each one of their patients. Fantastic customer experience and amazing sparkly teeth and smiles.

Thank you so much for creating our smiles.”

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